How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

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Do you know what is surface mount box? Nowadays we are in the fast-moving internet age, people’s life and work has become increasing reliance on the web. To be able to access the Internet anywhere has become a basic requirement of life, but the fixed network connector, messy network extension cable has brought a lot of inconvenience to people. The tool-keystone surface mount box we present to you today is a good solution to this problem.

Profile of Surface Mount Box

What is Surface Mount Box

Ethernet surface mount box, also called RJ45 wall box, is a tool made of ABS material for internet cable extension. More common in life are surface mount box single port and surface mount box 2 port. This tool generally consists of surface mounting plate (double-stick tape), cable tie, mounting screws, through a simple installation. This makes it possible to install the network cable plug at any time. Also, as a highly compatible product, it is not only compatible with UTP90/180 degree RJ45 keystone jacks, while also supporting CAT6/CAT5E/CAT5 Ethernet cable. Universal standard specifications and a wide range of compatibility make this product suitable for a wide range of applications in the home and office.

Benefits of Surface Mount Box

In the daily life, we often encounter the situation that the plug is insufficient or the network cable is not long enough, for this situation we can only choose to temporarily extend the network cable. However the exposed connector is not only unsightly, but also very easy to be destroyed because of external factors, once you installed this box, you can well circumvent these problems. You can extend the network cable at any time and anywhere depending on your needs. So, from the above, we can summarise the following advantages of surface mount box:

*Easy and simple installation process, extend your network to where you need it, very convenient;

*Dust- proof and water-proof, hide the keystone jack in the box, dust-proof while ensuring signal transmission;

*The keystone jack which is installed in the box can be replaced with any desired style. Its high compatibility makes it suitable for RJ45 connectors, more convenience for users.

How to install a surface mount box?

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1.Assemble the network cables to the keystone jack in advance.

A166 220x220 2 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

2.Use a flat-blade screwdriver to gently pry up and open the cap.

A166 220x220 3 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

3.Insert the RJ45 keystone jack with the clip down.

A166 220x220 4 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

4.Secure the network cable with cable ties to ensure a stable connection.

A166 220x220 5 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

5.Screw the box to the wall or attach it to the wall with double-sided tape.

A166 220x220 6 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

6.This part can be removed by pliers for fitting thicker network cables.

A166 220x220 7 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

7.Put the lid on, then the installation is complete.

A166 220x220 8 - How To Install A Surface Mount Box?

8.You will get a clean and stable connection.

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