What you should know about HDMI to HDMI converter

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This article will introduce the HDMI to HDMI converter. The common types are HDMI extension cable and HDMI mini cable. Both of them have different features and functions.

There are many types of HDMI adapters in the market. If you want to transfer digital signal from computer to screen, DVI to HDMI adapter is perfect for your needs. You also can connect a spare DVI monitor port on your computer to the HDMI input on your TV.

However, please do not forget to install a separate sound system. It allows an individual audio transmission.

Moreover, remember to take care of the differences between different models, and ensure that the sound system is compatible with your devices.

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HDMI Extention Cable

Though we do not need a very long cable. Have you complained about your HDMI cable is too short even once?

Just plugged the adapter to both cables could easily solve your problem. Please confirm what kind is your port before purchasing, because there are 2 types of adapters available. If the ports are on the left side of the TV, you will need a 270-degree angled adapter, and the right side ports need a 90 degree angle adapter. 

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270 degree angled adapter

Another one is HDMI cable, which combines audio and video in one.

The cables ferrite core helps filter out background noise by protecting against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), which can distort signals as they are arriving to the receiver.

With little line interference, the HDMI extension cable produces crisp, clear sound and pure video. The hdmi swivel adapter is a space saver itself, avoiding to turn or tuck away to save space ike some HDMI dongle.

What’s more, it is compatible with any standard HDMI connector. But you should make sure that if it suits your devices and whether your plug it tight enough first.

Mini HDMI Cable

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A mini HDMI to HDMI cable with ethernet cable promote a convenient way to play high-definition mobile content on a big-screen and monitor. Simply connect a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, or other Mini-HDMI-compatible device to the full-size HDMI port found on most video displays. You then can enjoy the high definition audio and video!

No photography enthusiasts would like to see the weight of the big HDMI cable eventually damaging the mini connector on their camera. Well, Mini-HDMI (C Type) to HDMI adapter cable will stop your endless searching. Before ordering, please do not forget to make sure your correct size and model.

Micro HDMI Cable

It is a thin and flexible converter with High-Speed To HDMI. It enables you to connect your smartphone and camera with any tv. This cable lets you watch videos, stream media, or view documents from your device with a Micro-HDMI port on your TV. Note that many smart phones only have one micro USB port.

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