Best Ethernet cable for ps4 need to choose cat8?

Ethernet Cable Networking
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As we all know, a smooth gaming experience means a lot to gamers. There are some factors you must be considering when choosing the best Ethernet cable for PS4(PlayStation 4). Otherwise, when there is network lag or interruption, I bet it will drive you crazy!

Recently, some people have been spending more time at home playing games due to the new coronavirus. One of the main points is the internet speed. So let’s take a look at the best options for keeping your gaming console-ps4 up to speed.

Cat8 Ethernet cable or WIFI?

Nowadays many people choose to use WI-FI, but it can have some problems. The distance between rooms and the blockage of walls can affect the quality of the Internet connection.

But if you choose a fixed Ethernet cable and connect it to your PS4 or other devices from the RJ45 network port of the network module keystone,  the probability of internet outage would be decreased. The key is, no matter what kind of Ethernet cables you pick, they can meet your different requirements and standards all. Then you might ask what type of net wire is the one for me? Cat8 Ethernet cable or Cat7 cat6 cat5e?

Shielded Ehernet Cable for ps4

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Whether you need to attend a video conference or play games for entertainment at home, it is recommended that you choose a shielded Ethernet cable. This is because shielded cables can reduce the bit error rate of data transmission, reduce interference with other Ethernet cables, improve the stability of network signal transmission, and increase the confidentiality of transmitted data.

With the improvement of technology, there are different types of Ethernet cables coming out one after another. The quality of Ethernet cables has a direct impact on the transmission speed and lifetime of service on your network. So, it may be very important for you to choose which Ethernet cable to use, and speed may be the most critical consideration.


The game needs very little latency. Unshielded cables have a lot of interference and can thus increase latency. Gamers should choose cables that reduce crosstalk and interference. It is best to have 100% oxygen-free copper, and 50μ gold-plated contacts, which can greatly reduce latency.

Advantages of Cat8 Ethernet cable for ps4

The current Ethernet cable types include Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, cat7, cat7A and cat8, and Cat8 Ethernet cable is the latest standard Ethernet cable. So what is the difference between Cat8 Ethernet cable and other Ethernet cables?

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By the above chart, you can see that the speed and frequency of cat8 is much better than other Ethernet cables. But can we say the best Ethernet cable for PS4 is cat8 cable?

The answer is that Cat8 cable is not that fitting for PS4. Considering speed alone, Cat8 cable is really better than other cables in some specialized situations, such as corporate computer rooms and network data centers, or when you try to use a wire crimper to connect patch panels and cat8 modules. So, Cat8 Ethernet cable is more suitable for more professional and high-end scenes, which is beyond the requirements of the game.

Cat6 VS Cat5e

In most cases, people will choose cat5e or cat6 when playing games, but cat6 is better than cat5e. For speed, cat5e cable is used for 100M network, while cat6 cable is for gigabit network, so cat6 cable is also called gigabit network cable.

Cat5e cable has a transmission bandwidth of up to 1000 Mb/s. But it is generally only used for 100 Mb/s networks and only connects desktop switches and computers. This is because cat5e unshielded Ethernet cables must depend on expensive special equipment.

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VCELINK Shielding net wire

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Unshielded net wire

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Unshielded net wire

The main difference between cat5e and cat6 is that the transmission shielding performance of cat6 is better than cat5e. Cat6 net wire has an internal splitter to reduce interference or end crosstalk (next). Compared with cat5e net wire, which also improves far-end cross talk (ELFEXT), in addition, the return loss and insertion loss are lower.

As a result, cat6 Ethernet cables perform better. However, not all cat6 cables have crossbones, because there is no relevant specification that says cat6 cables must have crossbones, as long as they meet the cat6 standard.

Cat6:Best ethernet cable for ps4?

Compared with cat6, cat5e has poor shielding performance, and cat5e is an older Ethernet cable. Playing with cat5e will make your speed slower than other cables. Due to the growing demand for network speed, cat6, cat7 and cat8 have gradually taken over the major market.

Choosing a good Ethernet cable will ensure a good Ethernet connection. Because low-grade materials can affect your network connection, make sure to pick a cable with materials such as bare copper with aluminum foil shielding.

So, it is a good choice to use cat6 cable to enjoy PS4 games.

Q &A


You can certainly go with cat8, because cat8 works with PS4, and PS4 supports cat8!
The cat8 Ethernet cable has very fast network speeds, but it is more expensive compared to cat6. Generally speaking, cat6 Ethernet cable is enough for your gaming needs. But if you have enough money, you can’t do better with cat8!


Cat6 Ethernet cable has nothing to do with the router, they are just cabling and are just 8 wires, that is all the router cares about.


They both support faster data transfer and also prevent crosstalk and internal noise. But in the cat5e or cat6 debate, cat6 wins, after all, cat6 is Cat5e’s upgraded version.


Although cat5e and cat6 are both good choices for gaming over Ethernet connections, cat6 cables are often the preferred type. This is not necessarily because of speed, however, since 1000MBPS is fine for most gamers. Cat6 cables are better at handling interference than cat5e cables.

Is PS4 better with Ethernet cable?

For PS4, Ethernet cables are better than Wi-Fi.
Because the distance between rooms and the blockage between walls will affect the network quality in some way. And with an Ethernet cable, the probability of network interruptions is lower.


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