Should you choose Cat8 Ethernet Cable for PS4 ?

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Best Ethernet Cable for PS4
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The ethernet cable is constantly upgraded, people’s requirements for internet speed are also getting higher and higher. But do we actually need Cat8 cable for our daily life?

We all know that a smooth game experience means a lot for game persons, once there is network delay or interruption, i bet it will drive you insane. Recently, due to the impact of new coronaviruses, there are plenty of times for some of you guys playing games at home, so let’s go down below and see what’s your best choice for maintaining your network speed.

Cat8 Ethernet cable or WIFI?

Many people now choose to use wifi. However, it may has some problems. The distance between rooms, the blocking between walls, doors and furniture all affect the quality of the network connection somehow. If you are about to win at next second, but your page shows that the network is loading, it will be a very very bad situation. If serious, it may ruin your mood the rest of the day.

But if you choose a fixed ethernet cable and connect it to your PS4 or other devieces from the RJ45 network port of the network module keystone,  the probability of internet outage would be decreased. The key is no matter what kind of Ethernet cables you choose, they can meet your different requirements and standards all. Then you might ask, what type of net wire is the one for me? Cat8 ethernet cable or Cat7 cat6 cat5e?

Shielded Ehernet Cable

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Whether you need to participate in a video conference or play games for entertainment at home, you’d better choose the shielding Ethernet cable. Because the shielding Ethernet cable can reduce the code error rate of data transmission, improve the stability of network signal transmission, reduce the interference with other Ethernet cables and improve the confidentiality of transmission data. 

With the improvement of technology, different types of the Ethernet cable have appeared one after another. The quality of the Ethernet cable affects the transmission speed and service life of the network directly. Therefore, which kind of Ethernet cable you choose could be very important, but we all know that speed can be the most crucial consideration.

Advantages of Cat8 Ethernet Cable

The current Ethernet cable types include cat5e, cat6, cat6a, cat7, cat7a and cat8, and Cat8 Ethernet cable is the latest standard Ethernet cable. So what is the difference between Cat8 Ethernet cable and other Ethernet cables?

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Through the above figure, it is found that the speed and frequency of cat8 are much better than other Ethernet cables. But can we say that cat8 ethernet cable is the most suitable cable for ps4?

The answer is that Cat8 cable is not that fitting for PS4. Just considering the speed, Cat8 cables are indeed better than others for some professional occasions like enterprise computer rooms and network data centers, or when you try to use a crimper to connect patch panels and cat8 modules. So, Cat8 ethernet cable is more suitable for more professional and high-end scenes, which is beyond the requirements of game.

Cat6 VS Cat5e

In most cases, people will choose cat5e or cat6 for playing games, but cat6 is better than cat5e. In terms of speed, Cat5e cables are mainly used in 100M network, and Cat6 cables are mainly used in Gigabit network, so Cat6 cables are also called Gigabit network cables.

Cat5e cables is marked with “CAT5e” outside, and the width of the transmission belt can be as high as 1000Mb/s, but it is generally only used in a network of 100Mb/s and only connects the desktop switch to the computer. Because cat5e unshielded ethernet cables must rely on the support of expensive special equipment.

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VCELINK Shielding net wire

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Unshielded net wire

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Unshielded net wire

The main difference between Cat5e and cat6 is that the transmission shielding performance of Cat6 is better than Cat5e. Cat6 net wire has an internal splitter to reduce interference or near-end crosstalk (NEXT). Compared with Cat5e net wire, it also improves far-end crosstalk (ELFEXT). In addition, the return loss and insertion loss are lower. Therefore, the performance of Cat6 ethernet cable is better.

But not all Cat6 ethernet cables have a cross skeleton. There is no relevant specifications to stipulate that Cat6 Ethernet cable must use a cross skeleton, as long as they can reach the cat6 of standards.

Cat6 Cable for Gaming

Compared with Cat6, the shielding performance of Cat5e is relatively poor, and Cat5e is an older type of ethernet cable. If you use Cat5e in the game, this may make your shooting slower than others. Although the applications of Cat5e are much wider, as the requirements on transmission performance of network devices are getting higher and higher, cat6, cat7 and even cat8 will gradually occupy the mainstream market. Therefore, it is recommended that you still choose Cat6 cable to enjoy the game.


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